QuadReal aims to be a global sustainability leader through efficiency, engagement and innovation. The Evergreen management team honor this mission by actively working to decrease energy consumption, increasing diversion rates, and participating in QuadReal’s engagement campaign: “We Care Too”.

The Evergreen management team strives to meet and exceed all applicable management regulatory requirements. The team leverages QuadReal’s building management policies, standard operating procedures and depth of expertise to ensure best practice to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment to all occupants. 

The Evergreen management team honor Our Sustainability Commitment with active involvement in QuadReal’s engagement campaign: “We Care Too".

The program involves six themes throughout the year with three key components: poster displays, short videos and events. The themes for 2021 change every two months and are:

  • January – February: Community
  • March – April: Energy Conservation
  • May – June: Health & Wellbeing
  • July – August: Water Conservation
  • September – October: Waste Reduction
  • November – December: Community Engagement

For each theme, the posters and videos are designed to catch people's attention, familiarize tenants with sustainability in our building and provide an opportunity for engagement. To further tenant engagement, four events are held annually and are based on the theme at the time.